Move from depression on the spiritual path to happiness...
    Three Keys to Happiness Program

This journey of spiritual awakening is underway by millions of people. You could have all kinds of symptons such as depression, anxiety, big highs and lows.  There is tremendous energy hitting us and this can bring up chaos, depression, anxiety and grief.  We can feel spiritually high one minute and then thrust into chaos.  We are in a transformation phase and its important to clear the past traumas and pain that is surfacing. We also must allow and even train ourselves to see and think differently, not from our automatic wounded conditioned selves.  
We NEED NEW SKILLS.   We need to heal the past trauma (known or unknown) that is causing the unhappiness.  Truth is, that inner happiness is your birthright and the natural state of the awakened soul.  In this program there are some specific teachings, energetic clearings, and tools to assist you.  
This Introductory Offer is priced so that you will try it out and see for yourself how you can begin to clear and create more happiness.
Journey tools and practices through ebook & video
Access Your Divine "Internal" Line to happiness meditations
Utilize Sleeplearning meditation downloads to retrain your brain
Utilize affirmations to pattern new positive thoughts
Experience an energetic, spiritual activation and healing

Includes E-Book, Video Teachings, Four 20-30 min. meditations to connect to Divine Happiness, Spiritual energetic healing and activation process, Affirmations set to upbeat music for reminding you how happy and blessed you are
Happiness is an inside journey on the spiritual path.  As we awaken to our own divinity, we realize that it is not external events that make us happy, but it is our own state.  The problem is we have so many conditioned beliefs and triggers jolting us into fear, worry, separation, loneliness, anxiety- all reflections of the separate state of consciousess.  
Your ability to access your I AM Presence through your "I Am Line" is your key to accessing true happiness.
What You Will Get By GETTING Your Own PASSPORT to HAPPINESS in this program...
The Three Keys are outlined in this Ebook with directives from the 
I AM Discourses.
“That which everyone seeks is happiness, sometimes called bliss, and yet many who have sought so earnestly have unknowingly continued to pass by the key to this happiness.”
“The simple key to Perfect Happiness and its inherent sustaining power is Self-control and Self-correction. This is so easy to accomplish when one has learned he is the “I AM Presence” and Intelligence controlling and commanding all things.”
-The I Am Discourses, Vol. 3 Page 88

Video Teaching
This lesson outlines what is in the Ebook and also includes a guided spiritual activation process to embody the teaching.
It's easy to get lost in the negativity so it is important to SEE and THINK differently.  
Meditation & Affirmations Audio Downloads
Three powerful programs:

Includes 4 Downloads:
1. "I Am Line" Basic Meditation
2. "Connect to Divine Happiness" Meditation and SleepLearning
3.  Opening the Heart Meditation
4. "I AM So Blessed" Upbeat affirmations to keep you on track in happiness & gratitude
In addition, I'm throwing in the audio process of the Happiness Process AND the very popular 30 min. meditation "Opening the Heart"
About the Teacher: Dr. Janette Freeman has been teaching meditation and spiritual growth for nearly 20 years and has a Doctorate in Consciousness Studies. As an author, speaker, teacher and coach, she assists the person in moving through previous subconscious blocks in order to live more from their Higher Self and experience greater health, success, happiness and inner peace.
Her vision and mission are simply to manifest more ‘Heaven on Earth,’ through a shift in consciousness individually and globally.
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